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BGI 4M 2020 Atlanta, GA

NOV 6-8, 2020

We are excited to announce In 2020 we will be partnering with:

Therese Perdedjian, DC.  

BGI Master from Australia

Stay tuned for details to come!

BGI 4M has the prerequisites of BGI 1, 2 & 3



All BGI 4M’s Feature: 


Create connections with our greater BGI community from the Chiropractors who were there during Sue’s development of the first BGI concepts to the newest students engaging with BGI. You will meet Chiropractors and students from all over the world including many BGI Masters, Lead Instructors and Sue’s Time Honored Staff. Starting Friday afternoon all the way to Sunday evening your schedule will be packed with opportunities to soak up the Field, create community and learn! 


Be the first to hear what’s forthcoming for 2021 and beyond. Learn how you can engage and contribute to the BGI community and Chiropractic’s future. 



Receive care from BGI Masters, Lead Instructors and Sue’s Time Honored Staff. Get adjusted by the most advanced BGI Chiropractors on the planet. This has become the hallmark of BGI 4M in the past. If you receive nothing else than an opportunity to be adjusted and spend time in the Field of Possibility your visit will be well worth it! 


This is an educational opportunity like no other! As the feature BGI event each year BGI 4M brings the best and brightest BGI has to offer! Our presenters are internationally known for their BGI expertise. Keep your eyes open for a detailed schedule coming soon. 


Advanced Material is offered for students and Chiropractors who have a deeper understanding of the Foundational Concepts of BGI 1, 2 and 3. Whether this is your first year studying BGI or you have many years of experience with the seminars, take your skills to the next level and take another step on your personal journey to Chiropractic excellence.

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