Community Resources 

We are blessed to have some amazing people in our BGI community. Many of these people contribute to the Chiropractic community and the world in ways that are congruent and yet separate from BGI Seminars. This page is to share these resources. We are all a part of a Beautiful Chiropractic Community!

For more information about these events, programs and products please contact the creators directly. 

Tao-Fall Immersion .jpg

Tao of Chiropractic Immersion

Dr. Eric Rubin is a BGI Master and Lead Instructor for BGI Seminars. He teaches many courses to Chiropractors and non-Chiros. People who takes a seminar with him leave feeling inspired about the possibilities of Chiropractic and their own lives. He has partnered with   Dr. John Martinez for the Tao of Chiropractic. This Immersion is the first event of its kind. It is sure to be a moving event. For more information contact Drs. John or Eric.