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Multi-dimensionaL WOrkshops

Presented by: Katina Manning, DC

Come play! Ignite your curiosity and passion. Grow in the the knowledge you will gain. Delve into tonal osseous and myofascial adjusting of the sacred geometry of Each of these workshops creates a playful and inspiring environment to explore your skills. She connects the concepts osseous and myofascial adjusting, orthopedic yoga, and  functional neurology. Engage with a passionate love of Chiropractic's art and philosophy. 

Prerequisites: Open to all Chiropractic students and DC's

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Preconception and Pregnancy Care. introduction to the Internal Geometry

Presented by: Tonya Tyre, DC

In these upcoming workshops you will be learning more about the pelvic and cranial anatomy and how that understanding can be applied to your adjusting process to improve and deepen your skills with preconception and pregnancy care. This knowledge applies to all women of all ages. From there we will be introducing a fifth plane of geometry called the Internal Geometry. If you are a DC or DC student and would like to see a video about the indicators of the internal geometry please email

Prerequisites: BGI 3 

Upcoming Events

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