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BGI 1: July 28-30, 2017

BGI 2: July 30-August 1, 2017

AU Student BGI 1 & 2
AU Chiropractor BGI 1 & 2

Presented By:

Dr. Erich Gubier & Dr. Therese Perdedjian

Seminar Times:

BGI 1                                    BGI 2

Friday 7pm-9pm                   Sunday 7pm - 9pm

Saturday 8am - 4pm             Monday 8am - 5pm

Sunday 8am - 4pm              Tuesday 8am - 4pm


Continuing Development Points: BGI 1

Accredited 13 FLA hours (CPD)

18 Holdsworth St.

Fremantle, WZ 6160


In Touch Wellness Centre

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BGI 2 New Zealand 

SILVERDALE – New Zealand


Seminar Times

Friday 7pm – 9pm

Saturday 8am – 5pm

Sunday 8am -4pm

Contacts :


Presented By

Dr. Erich Gubier & Dr. Therese Perdedjian


Connected Families Chiropractic

2157 East Coast Road, Silverdale




This seminar will cover the anterior geometry, more strongly associated with emotions, chemistry and organ systems, and also with the sagittal geometry, which is associated with thoughts and belief systems.

An understanding of the subluxations involving these planes of geometry is vital in serving people in their healing process.

Take your mastery to the next level by refining your skills, empowering your passion and deepening your understanding of the geometric connectedness of the human body and being.

BGI 2 New Zealand