*We are happy to announce that the student rate for all official USA BGI seminars is extended to recent graduates within the first TWO years after graduation!*

Below are the links to BGI seminars held in the USA for 2019:

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SOLD OUT: February 8-10 BGI 1: Berkeley, CA (Diane Babalas, DC) 

SOLD OUT: April 12-14: BGI 1: Atlanta, GA (Liliana Warner, DC)

SOLD OUT: June 21-23 BGI 1: Kansas City, KS (Diane Babalas, DC) 

August 16-18 BGI1: Atlanta, GA (DC’s ONLY-Multiple Instructors)

September 6-8 BGI 1: Melbourne, FL (Liliana Warner, DC)

September 27-29 BGI1: Vancouver, BC Canada, (Tonya Tyre, DC)

October 4-6 BGI1: Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada (Tonya Tyre, DC)

October 18-20 BGI1: Toronto ON, Canada (Tonya Tyre, DC)


July 26-28 BGI 2: Berkeley, CA (Eric Rubin, DC)

August 2-4 BGI 2: Kansas City, KS (Diane Babalas, DC)

August 23-25: BGI 2: Atlanta, GA (Eric Rubin, DC)  

March 6-8, 2020, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Tonya Tyre, DC)

Apri 24-26, 2020, Toronto, ON, Canada (Tonya Tyre, DC)


October 11-13 BGI 3: Atlanta, GA (Liliana Warner, DC) 

December 6-8 BGI 3: Berkeley, CA (Liliana Warner, DC) 

September 11-13, 2020, BGI3: Toronto, ON, Canada, (Tonya Tyre DC)

Dec 3-5, 2020, BGI3: Vancouver, BC, Canada (Tonya Tyre DC)


~November 1-3 BGI 4M: Atlanta GA (Multiple Instructors) REGISTRATION OPEN SOON!~

Playshops/Osseous/Electives etc.

SOLD OUT: March 2- 3: Multi-Dimensional Playshop: Chicago, IL (Katina Manning, DC)

SOLD OUT: APRIL 5-7: Preconception, Pregnancy & Internal Geometry: Berkeley, CA (Tonya Tyer, DC)

SOLD OUT: May 3-5: Multi-Dimensional Playshop: Oakland, CA (Katina Manning, DC & Eric Rubin, DC)

SOLD OUT: MAY 3-5: Preconception, Pregnancy & Internal Geometry: Norwell, MA (Tonya Tyre, DC)