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BGI Playshops

If you would like to request a Playshop in your area or you know of someone who would here is how:

Send BGI HQ a Message with the follow information:

  • Number of anticipated attendees: 15-25 people is a great 
  • Suggested location or donated venue i.e. your office!
  • What inspired you to host
  • If you have a requested Lead Instructor

You can always contact one of our amazing Lead Instructors directly. We are all dedicated to sharing BGI education with Chiropractors and Students around the world. 

Upcoming Events

BGI 2 Follow Up Playshop

Presented By: Liliana Warner, DC

Hone and deepen your BGI 2 skills before BGI 3 at this intimate Playshop with Liliana Warner, DC. 

- Drill the anterior and sagittal basics
- Connect to full patterns from one region
- Work with multiple related patterns simultaneously
- Release Posterior, Anterior, and Sagittal Patterns together
- Identify visceral, chemical and emotional patterns
- Clarify any questions or issues you are still having before BGI 3

Location: Lotus of Life Chiropractic
Aug 4th 9am - 6pm
Aug 5th 9am - 5pm

Venmo: @L-W-1-6
$250 - If you have taken BGI 1 and 2 preiviously
$200 - Once you sign up for BGI 2 ATL 2018
$175 - Once you sign up for BGI 2 and BGI 3 ATL 2018

*You must sign up for BGI 2 or both BGI 2 and 3 to get the discounts. Lists will be cross referenced. 
*BGI 1 and 2 are prerequisites. Discounts only available if you are attending this year's (2018) BGI 2 in Atlanta.