The Magic of BGI 4M

Years ago, when I attended my first BGI 4M, I had been through multiple BGI 1’s, 2’s and 3’s. I walked in full of a student-level-ego that, I know all about this “BGI stuff.” At the end of that Saturday, I was absolutely stunned by the level of information that I didn’t even know, that I didn’t know. I was humbled, and more importantly I was inspired. I was hungry to learn more and rededicate myself to the sacred path of the seeker of BGI knowledge. 

Long before I was in Chiropractic school I assisted and managed Segura Chiropractic, owned by Marcia Segura, DC (aka my mother). I am sure you all know that getting to sit in the Chiropractic assistant seat offers a unique view of how the practice flows. I watched her close the office and go to the old BGI 3’s, 4M’s and especially the Mastery modules. I watched her close her practice and rush to organize a trip away from her family. And without fail, on the Monday after she returned, I watched magic happen.

Patients that hadn’t been around in years scheduled adjustments. Multiple ideal patients that deeply understood the work she offered AND wanted to refer everyone they knew would pop up seemingly out of nowhere. She did not do a single drop of increased marketing. In the CA  seat, I got to watch these BGI events feed her soul and generate creativity and a passion for practice.

The universe always answered the call. The people who had been waiting for her to become the Chiropractor they needed, showed up! 

It is our dream to facilitate the opportunity for each of you to experience this magic. Whether you are a student who thinks they already know everything (the way I laughingly admit I did) or a student who needs to build confidence in the knowledge they do have. If you are the DC who needs to rejoin the field, remember the magic, commune with friends, and for Heaven’s sake get adjusted masterfully! We want to offer YOU the level of BGI 4M you deserve. 

After much feedback and soul searching we have realized that we cannot do BGI 4M the justice it deserves in 2019. We have made plans and are more excited than we can share for BGI 4M 2020. We are partnering with Therese Perdedjian, BGI Master, to deliver a BGI 4M in 2020 that is nourishing to the soul of BGI and its community. 

Blessings and Integration to all of our BGI siblings, mentors, and friends, 

Jacqueline Segura

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