Elective Courses Around The World

BGI inspires infinite application and exploration. The Elective Courses are all BGI based and inspired seminars and playshops created and presented by Official BGI Lead Instructors. Listed below are the current Electives. 

Sue Brown, DC, was the founder and developer of BGI. It was always her vision that BGI would not stop with her. She encouraged the exploration of the concepts related to the framework of Bio-Geometric Integration. Through sharing these Elective Courses, we hope that Chiropractors and DC students have even more access to the development of their own personal mastery path. We also hope that these courses and the Foundational Seminars inspire the individual to deep dive into their own creativity and the vision of what is possible. 

BGI Osseous.png

BGI Osseous 

Take your mastery to the next level by refining your skills, empowering your passion and deepening your understanding of the geometric connectedness of the human body and being. Come learn in a safe, structured and playful environment.  Explore and apply some of the key concepts of BGI such as the Potential Energy Theory of Subluxation, Biotensegrity, the importance of Establishing Continuity, how to utilize Subluxation Tracks and learn to Match the Tone of the patterns we adjust. Develop the skills to find and feel the bodyʼs innate geometry and determine the appropriate position and type of force that will best release the subluxation. As well as, using your body mechanics with effortless ease to deliver the most connected and honoring adjustment possible. 


The BGI Osseous Manual was created By Sue Brown, DC with major contributions from  Katina Manning, DC, Lou Corleto, DC, and Valerie Pennacchio, DC. 

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BGI Playshops

Playshops create the opportunity to dive deeper into the concepts learned at the BGI Foundational Seminars BGI 1, 2 & 3. Playshops are an inviting environment where joy, exploration and creativity come alive! Playshops are a unique opportunity to explore joy and creativity in adjusting. Lead Instructors create an environment that is unique to them! These events allow for the Lead Instructor's individuality and Mastery to shine and attendees get to learn from many voices. Playshops are often small by design to allow for more individualized learning environments. Bring your questions, this is where they will be answered! 

The Lead Instructor determines what the focus for each Playshop will be and may state that certain seminars are prerequisites. Please see each Playshops's description for the prerequisites for that event. 

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BGI Inspired Courses

The BGI Community is rich with brilliant and masterful Chiropractors. Many of our Chiropractors are continuing in Sue Brown's footsteps and creating new material, applications and courses utilizing the concepts of the BGI. 

The material covered in these courses are specific to the Lead Instructor presenting it. In order to create this type of course the Instructor must attain collaboration with BGI HQ. They are approved and checked for the quality of instruction. This allows BGI HQ to ensure the highest level of quality of education. While the material is authored by the Lead Instructor, it is all deeply based on the material presented in BGI 1, 2, 3.

Many of these courses have the prerequisite of multiple BGI Foundational Seminars. Please see each event description for prerequisite information. 


BGI Inspired Courses: Continuing The Ever Evolving Knowledge of BGI!