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ERic Rubin, DC

Official BGI Lead Instructor

Eric Rubin, DC, CMT has been helping people live in their bodies with more ease and awareness since 1994. He lives and practices in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area and in 2003, created NorthPoint Chiropractic and Family Wellness Center, a diverse multi-disciplinary wellness practice, to serve his community. Eric graduated with top honors from Life Chiropractic College West in spring of 2003 and was valedictorian of his class. He has been teaching globally for BGI seminars in various capacities since 2004. In practice, he is guided by a vision of a world in which skilled and compassionate touch assists people toward the creation of health and harmony in their lives, bodies, relationships and communities. As a teacher and bodywork educator, Eric offers chiropractors, massage therapists, bodyworkers, energy healers and yoga practitioners a unique perspective on the body, weaving together expertise from chiropractic, a myriad of bodywork modalities and subtle energy practices. His passion lies in helping doctors, practitioners and students inhabit their own bodies with consciousness and grace as they work to accomplish the same with their clients.

Eric Presents:

BGI Seminars

  • BGI 1, 2, & 3

  • BGI 4M

  • BGI Osseous

  • BGI Playshops

The Tao of Chiropractic Seminars

  • Tao Essentials

  • Tao Advanced

  • Tao Immersion

NorthPoint Chiropractic Seminars 

  • MultiDimensional Chiropractic Adjusting

  • Tonal Adjusting For Tiny People- Pediatric Chiropractic Adjusting

  • Adjusting the TMJ- Chiropractic Adjusting Seminar

  • Dropping in to your Life- Chiropractic Adjusting Seminar

  • The Dark Night of the Chiropractic Soul- Chiropractic Adjusting Seminar

  • Craniosacral For Chiropractors

  • Adjusting through the Chakras