Foundational Seminars

These 3 seminars take you through the 4 Primary planes: Posterior, Anterior, Sagittal, and Coronal Geometry. In BGI 1 you learn the posterior geometry. This will create a refinement to your current Chiropractic Framework and introduce you to the holographic nature of the body. If you are ready to dive deeper and get even more clarity, BGI 2 shows you the Anterior and Sagittal geometries. Once you have completed the BGI 1 and 2, you are ready to attend the BGI 3, where you learn the coronal geometry and complete the 3-D picture of the body. The knowledge learned in these 3 seminars allows the Chiropractor to bring new levels of depth and authenticity to the adjustment thus assisting both you and the person you are adjusting to learn, grow and evolve. 



(No Pre-requisites)

Experience what happens when the philosophy and art of chiropractic meet contemporary science.  This seminar will deepen your clinical skills with the introduction of the innate geometry of the body.  Learn about tensegrity and how to use the awareness of dynamics and connection, to approach the person as an integrated whole.  BGI is a framework for understanding how the subluxation expresses through the system, to bring greater mastery to your adjusting, regardless of your chiropractic technique.

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The Anterior and Sagittal Planes of the Body

(Pre-requisite BGI 1)

This seminar will cover the anterior geometry, more strongly associated with emotions, chemistry and organ systems, and also with the sagittal geometry, which is associated with thoughts and belief systems.  An understanding of the subluxations involving these planes of geometry is vital in serving people in their healing process. 

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The Coronal Planes and the Tetrahedrons

(Pre-requisite BGI 2)

This seminar introduces the final of the four primary planes of the body, the Coronal Planes.  Physically, the coronals relate to the body’s orientation to external space and emotional/mentally to our relationships.  The tetrahedrons address the 3-dimensional nature of the body, bringing greater depth to the adjusting and taking the practitioner one step closer to experiencing the body as a hologram. 

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In addition to Foundational Seminars, BGI Seminars, LLC also offers BGI Elective Courses